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KitClasses are a collection of add-on classes for KDE application development. There are various widgets from simple sub-classing for additional functions to complex plug-in module type widgets. All classes are created using Qt and KDE release 3.1 libs. Take a look, you might find something for you!

The current release is KitClasses-1.2.0 ( March 2004 ). CVS users should checkout the HEAD branch for module "kitclasses". This release contains minor maintenance fixs. See ChangeLog for details.

dot KitDb - Database Related classes.
A collection of database widgets and related classes.

dot KitGui - Graphical User Interface classes.
A collection of user interface widgets and related classes.

Continued releases will be published as features are added. Compatibility to previous releases will be maintained. Any major changes will be reflected in the version/release level. Maintenance releases are reflected in the build number.

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