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Welcome to the KInterDev Website.

KInterDev is a newly designed advanced IDE application for KDE that is composed of multiple IDE "modules" that work together to form an efficient and productive development tool. While still in early development this application is coming together rapidly.

The current alpha release is KInterDev-0.3 ( March 2004 ). This release is fully functional as an application module shell. Developers can adapt their modules to run with this app. Interface specifications are included.

KInterDev snapshot

KInterDev snapshot
These are early snapshots of KInterDev. The initial integration of KEncoder is complete. While development of KEncoder will continue for quite some time additional application integrations should be completed soon.

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KEncoder which is the core C++ development IDE is the first of many modules to be integrated into the KInterDev host application. KEncoder will also be released as stand alone IDE application and is currently being used for the development of this project. It can be seen at the KEncoder Project Site which is also here at SourceForge.

This application requires a minimum of KDE 3.1 and QT 3.1 to compile. The latest release of KitClasses ( currently 1.2 ) must also be installed. Visit the KInterDev Project Site at SourceForge for all the latest details.

Check back frequently for updates as this project is currently under very active development.

Hot Here also: KitClasses - KInterDev Add-on Classes for KDE.

KitClasses are a collection of custom widgets being used in addition to the base KDE and Qt widgets to create KInterDev and supporting modules. Future additions will include some advanced widgets for general applications.

Please Note: Installation of KitClasses required for KInterDev. KitClasses will be included in all KInterDev packaged releases or is available through its own release file or CVS download under module "kitclasses".

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